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How to claim Moroccan citizenship through ancestry

Posted by Fouzi Yamin on 17. April 2020
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Being a Moroccan citizen offers some advantages, if you’re interested in investing into the Moroccan real estate market, or just want to buy a property for yourself. I’ll show you what advantages a Moroccan citizenship has for you, who is eligible and how to claim it in your country.

Benefits of Moroccan citizenship

If you’re coming from the western world, the Moroccan citizenship doesn’t offer you much travel privileges. It certainly is a gap filler in Africa, if you’re interested in that region (such as Algeria, Niger etc.) If you’re an Israeli citizen, there are more attractive choices, especially if you’re interested in traveling or doing business in the Middle East or South East Asia. And of course, you can stay for longer than the 90 days within Morocco without requesting a “Carte de Séjour”.

From a real estate investment perspective, you have one additional privilege: You can buy agricultural land if you’re interested in investing into the Moroccan agriculture industry. Foreigners are barred from purchasing agricultural land. If you’re fluent in Darija (Moroccan Arabic dialect) or Tashelhit (Native Amazigh language), you might also get less easy recognized that you’re from abroad, which gives you better negotiating opportunity in the local market.

Who is eligible?

Article 6 of the Moroccan Citizenship act says the following about nationality:

A child born of a Moroccan father, or a child born of a Moroccan mother is a Moroccan citizen.

Moroccan Nationality Law

There is also one instance where jus soli applies (citizenship by being born within the territory).

Article 7, a child born in Morocco to unknown parents is a Moroccan citizen.

Moroccan Nationality Law

How to claim citizenship?

In order to claim citizenship you need to prove your ancestry. Gather all documents available and bring them to the nearest embassy possible. Especially the following:

  • Birth certificate of you and your Moroccan parent(s)
  • Marriage certificate of your parents
  • If possible, bring along “Livre d’identité et D’État Civil”
  • Consular certificate that you’re parent(s) is/(are) a registered citizen abroad

There’s an official website by the Moroccan government, available in a few European languages; German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch and English:

First obtaining of ID

How long does it take?

Provided that you have every document available or making sure you they’re on their way. Only one trip to the embassy or consulate is necessary. Your ID will be ready within a few weeks depending on capacity of the consular entity. You can find the nearest embassy or consulate on their homepage here:

Embassy finder

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