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You’ll find the most commonly asked questions and infos on his page.

I have more than 50 properties and I want to list on Morocco Home List.

We can offer a special deal for agencies that have more than 50 listings. Please send us an E-Mail at contact@moroccohomelist.com with the Subject “VIP Listing”.

I want to list my property here. Do I need an agency?

No, you don’t require an agency/agent to list your property on Morocco Home List. Please check our pricing page for private/individual sellers.

Can I get a refund?

We do not accept refunds as there are also non-refundable payment processor costs for us. You can terminate the payment any time to avoid future costs.

Do you hire people?

As of now, we do not hire any people. This may change due to circumstances and development of the business, so come and check at a later time!

I accidently bought the wrong subscription. What to do?

Please send an e-mail to contact@moroccohomelist.com with the following details.

  • Your E-Mailaddress
  • The package you bought
  • The package you actually want

Can I make a payment recurring?

Yes, just check on the “make payment recurring” box in case you want keep a subscription beyond 1 month. The subscription will then not end unless you cancel it in your dashboard.

Note: You will get a notification 3 days before your subscription ends, in case you want to cancel a renewal.

I lost my password!

You can always reset your password in the login form and request a new one. If you can’t remember what E-Mail you have been using, send an E-Mail to contact@moroccohomelist.com

🇲🇦 هل يمكن مراسلتكم باللغة العربية؟

نقدم الدعم للطلبات بالعربية والدارجة المغربية لكن بقدرات محدودة. لذا يمكن توقع ردودنا على تساؤلاتكم في يوم أو يومين.

🇩🇪 Ist die Korrespondenz auf Deutsch möglich?

Sie können uns gerne auch auf Deutsch schreiben und erhalten am selben Tag noch eine Antwort.

🇫🇷 Est-ce que la correspendance en français est possible?

Ici à Morocco Home List, nous parlons aussi en français. Vous pouvez écrir des E-Mail en français si vous avez des questions où demandez de l’assistance.

💰 Can I make money with Morocco Home List?

Yes! If you bring us a new subscriber (real estate entrepreneur package or higher) you can earn 25% of the revenue of the package. You can compound the amount of money you receive by helping us bringing more subscriber to the platform.

You’ll find more infos on our Affiliate page.

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