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Earn money with Morocco Home List!

Did you know, you can earn some good money with Morocco Home List? With every paying real estate agency/developer or entrepreneur you bring to us, you can earn a 10% commission of the package every month!


Here’s an example:

Realtor: Soufiane

Affiliate: Rashida

Soufiane buys package Real Estate Entrepreneur for €99/mo

Rashida gets 10% of €99 =>  €9* / ca. MAD 90 (*excluding payment processing fees) every month where Soufiane pays for this package.

If Rashida brings us leads to 10 equal packages, she will earn => €90 or ca. MAD 900 each month without additional work!

Additional perks:

Passive Income

Work once, get paid every month!

This is a possibility to earn some good passive income. You only need to contact us once, the rest will be done automatically as long as your lead pays his subscription to our services.

No Limit

More leads will get you more money

There’s no limit how much you can earn, you can keep bringing new leads to our site and with each lead, you get 25% of the paid price. Your passive income will compound as long as everyone is paying.

Get your MHL package for free!

4 equal competitors pay your Morocco Home List subscription.

If you’re a real estate agency, agent or entrepreneur and bring us 4 competitors that purchase an equal subscription like you, you pay virtually nothing to list your houses on our site.

How can I become an affiliate?

  1. Bring an agency or an individual to purchase a package (see what package is required in FAQ)
  2. The agency or individual must send me your PayPal E-Mail-address and your full name
  3. You will get paid commission 7 days after the initial purchase in €uros on your PayPal Account

Do I need a PayPal Account?

Yes, this is the only way we can ensure a fast pay out. No bank or (similar to) Western Union transfers.

For what can I get paid?

You can get paid for the following packages:

  • Real Estate Entrepreneur €99
  • Small and Medium Agency €245
  • Big RE Agency *custom price/payout*

The following package is NOT eligible for affiliate payout

  • Individual Listing €19

Who can become an affiliate?

Everyone is eligible to become an affiliate. Even if you’re a real estate agency. In fact, if you add enough competitors to our site you can actually earn money with your real estate listings!

I did not get paid exactly 10%!

The actual payout is subject to payment processing fees and conversion and may vary!

What types of Affiliate exist? What is the commission?

There are 2 types of affiliate:

  • The yearly packages for short term rental
  • The monthly packages for long term rental/sale

For the yearly packages, you get 10% for the monthly you get

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