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5 Business ideas to consider investing in Morocco

Posted by Fouzi Yamin on 24. August 2020
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Brainstorming busines ideas
Brainstorming business ideas.

Morocco still lacks a lot of services and businesses that are known in other more developed places. Some of which might even be saturated in other places where as in Morocco they’re non-existent. I compiled a list of certain business ideas that could be potentially profitable.

1.Co-Working Space 💻

Co-working spaces are the hubs of innovation, entrepreneurship and place where remote workers like to get their job done. Very common in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand or Singapore. Morocco has a few but not many sophisticated ones that offer a great service. This niche is definitely one idea to consider, especially as it attracts also foreign talents and nomads. Offer a great place with great amenities and many more people will come in the future. You may even list yourself on places like NomadList.

⭐ Ideal place: Agadir

2. Cat-Café 🐱

A rather unusual idea which is not so prevalent (if at all) in Morocco. Also not really a much regulated market, it makes it easier to open such a business. All you need is a cozy place people can hangout, relax and pet cats. Think outside the box, attract tourists and plug in some local elements to this idea, many will appreciate this, including the locals.

Check out this place in Tangier which would be ideal for a cat café.

⭐ Ideal place: Tangier

3. Rural Detox Villa 🌲

Life is hectic enough, sometimes you need to just reset and unplug from work, life and recharge. A relatively new phenomenon, detox retreats are the type of business that closes this gap. Morocco, with its diverse landscapes from desert and mountains to oceans and plains, is an ideal place to start such a venture. Many places within its borders present a great opportunity for this type of business.

Check out this place in Marrakech or in Ouarzazate for inspiration.

⭐ Ideal place: Ouarzazate

4. Camper resting facility 🚐

Another interesting niche that isn’t given much attention: Camper resting facility. Many Europeans like to drive with their camper across the country and they require a place to park their campers. While they’re too bulky to park in city centers or regular parking spots, a camper resting facilities outside urban areas would be valuable to this kind of niches. Some require electricity to recharge or a place for waste water treatment or just generally to supply campers with additional food, replacement items etc.

⭐ Ideal place: Essaouira

5. Escape the room 🧭

Escape the room facilities are fun games for young and old as they contain riddles and puzzles to solve in a team of 2 or more. Currently to my research, there are no known escape rooms in Morocco, this presents an opportunity to be the first in a frontier market and to set the stone. The initial cost is not too high to build such a room and the rents are low, especially since you would not need to have a room with windows.

⭐ Ideal place: Marrakech

What do you think would be a great business idea to start in Morocco?

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